Chicago Café

One of my girlfriends knew this place and wanted to take the rest of us here. And I am very happy she did. I’m thankful she let us discover this lovely place with great food.

When we entered Chicago Café we were catapulted back to the sixties. I really loved the interior. The colors, the benches, the chairs, the plants, the kidscorner, …

We went for a brunch but you can go for breakfast, lunch, teatime, a good cocktail, juices, cake, burgers, toast. Whatever you want, they have it!

Everything is home made and the things I tasted were delicious and really not expensive!

So if you want to spend a nice time, in a cosy place, with good food and drinks, and in a great location (near place Sainte-Cathérine), I really recommend this café!

You can check their website and facebook for more information!

Lots of love,

Au Pays des Merveilles

I got a new place for you to discover in Brussels! It’s called Au Pays des Merveilles (APDM). You can go there for breakfast, brunch, or lunch to enjoy bagels, pancakes, ‘pain perdu’, smoothies, tea, etc.

I came here the first time with my girlfriends for a brunch. We didn’t know what to choose, so we ordered a little too much, but it was soo good and with a small pause we were able to finish everything.

We all took a breakfast-bagel, accompanied with butter, chocolate spread, peanut butter, and two kinds of jam. One of my friends told me to combine the peanut butter and jam, it was amazingly delicious!

One friend chose breakfast pancakes, and two others got pancakes with apple, chocolate and nuts. I took yogurt with muesli and cherries. We shared the pain perdu made from brioche and it was simply yummy.

We had a great time in a cozy atmosphere. I went back later with another friend for pancakes and ones again they were very good!

We were served and helped by three lovely and very friendly ladies. It is quite small inside but very cozy. I really love the pink crocodile painting above the counter. Hope you’ll be able to discover this nice place!

Lots of love,

Au Pays Des Merveilles
Avenue Jean Volders 42                          Avenue Louis Lepoutre 6
1060 St Gilles                                               1050 Ixelles

Coffee Cafe: Part two

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about Coffee Cafe in Hasselt, Belgium, in which I also talked about the one in Leuven. A very good friend of mine works there. Recently she got the honor to manage this cozy coffee- and tea room in Leuven. So last month I went to visit her with my mom.

The atmosphere is similar to the one in Hasselt, warm, cozy, with quotes and coffee grinders on the wall, the smell of coffee and desserts… It makes me kind of nostalgic…

I drank a delicious kinder bueno iced coffee, my mom took tea and we shared cheese cake and biscuit cake. Not only can you enjoy your coffee, you get a lovely barista on top of it!

Leuven is a nice city with lots of historical buildings to visit, shops to spend all your money, and terraces to enjoy your drink!

I took some pictures, hope you can feel the atmosphere through them :-)

Lots of love,

Coffee cafe Hasselt           Coffee cafe Leuven
Badderijstraat 6                  Tiensestraat 18
3500 Hasselt                        3000 Leuven

Kylna Art Gallery

I have quite a big family, so does my boyfriend. When we celebrate Christmas, it’s not always easy to buy a gift for every person. Because it’s difficult to find a suited gift for everyone, and it gets quite expensive. We have a really fun solution for it. We write everyone’s name on little pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Then everyone takes a name out of the bowl, but we have to keep secret which name we took. On Christmas, we sit around the coffee table and take a gift from under the tree, we pass it on and when the gift is in the hands of the right person, the person offering it has to say ‘stop’. It’s very exciting, also for the kids!

Last Christmas, it was my mother in law who had to give me a present. She gave me a bowl, but it looked and felt unfinished and rough. Then she told me I could go back to the store, whenever I wanted, to paint the ceramic bowl.

Two weeks ago, I went to the Kylna Art Gallery, to paint my bowl. I stayed there for almost four hours. You’re completely free to do what you want to. The lady just explained how to choose the colors, and where you can find books to get some inspiration. While I was painting, she was making something in ceramic. It was very calm with some music. It was pure relaxation.

When finished, she bakes your bowl and you can go get it a week later and find your artwork. You just walk in during the opening hours, and work on something you like. They also sell vases, plates, candle holders, etc. The price of painting and baking is included. There are also group lessons, birthday parties for kids, etc. Of course, you can also buy things you don’t have to paint yourself ;-)

If you have the opportunity, you should really go there, it’s a great place, just outside the center of Brussels!

Lots of love,

Kylna Art Gallery
Chaussée de Jette 594,
1090 Brussels


There’s a place, very near where I live, called Alice. It’s in the center of Merchtem, a town 20 km outside Brussels. It opened its doors on October 25th last year and owned by two sisters who run this beautiful place.

When going here you’ll discover a mishmash of generations, of drinks, food, and activities. You can find different kinds of coffee and tea. You can go there for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacking, etc. But it’s not only an eatery and coffee house, they also sell second hand kids clothing, they organize workshops and theaters for kids etc. Last Friday there was an Afterwork and they were open until 11 pm instead of 6 pm.

I was there with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. We ate a brownie, which was delicious and very light. I always take the ginger tea because it’s so good. You also get a piece of cake, sugar, and honey with your tea. I heard that the sandwiches are very good too. My friend took an home made iced tea and was very happy with her choice!

So if you like a lively, animated place, where everything is fresh and home made, you should definitely check this place!!

Lots of love,

Kerkstraat 1
1785 Merchtem


Today I went eating lunch at Coffee’licious in Brussels. If you don’t know it’s there, you’ll just walk by. But you really shouldn’t because I ate the best cupcake ever!! It’s quite small, but the interior is fun and the food is even better.

You order downstairs, then you can settle down upstairs.

We ordered a home made green tea lemonade, a ‘Di Modena’ bagel, it was a bagel with sesame seads, cream cheese, mozzarella, dried tomatoes, rucola and balsamic cream, and a ‘Tangerino’ panini, which was with minced meat, cheddar, grilled onion, andalouse sauce and pickles. We were both very happy with our choice, since both were very tasty! We also got some pepper soup, which was delicious.

Even the restroom is cool!

After lunch I desperately wanted a dessert but my stomach didn’t want me to… So I took a cupcake on the go! I wanted a bueno cupcake but the owner, who was by the way very nice, recommended the oreo one. And he was totally right! I will certainly go back for another one, and maybe for a milkshake too ;-)


Coffee’licious is located in the heart of Brussels, a street away from our beautiful Grand Place. So if you are in Brussels I really recommend a city walk, after which you can relax at this place.

Have fun!!

Lots of love,

Coffee’licious Brussels
Kaasmarkt 13
1000 Brussels

Coffee cafe

In my first post, the introduction, I mentioned that I would also write about nice places I discover. And I am very happy to introduce you to a very cosy cafe.

This little magical place is located in Hasselt, in the northeast of Belgium. It’s a nice city with cheerful shopping streets, restaurants, tea rooms and small forgotten paths.

Even though Hasselt counts many tea rooms and coffee corners, there is one I especially like, Coffee cafe.

1509683_10205596259491496_4828623221988203612_n 10614249_10205596259771503_46553198589716163_n

It is quite small inside. When you go in, the first thing you’ll see is the counter filled with cake, brownies and the assortment of loose tea that you can also buy, so you can enjoy its deliciousness at home.

10891792_10205596260091511_5727289696839143173_n 10885069_10205596262851580_6560538717110739498_n

Since it’s Christmas time, this lovely place was even more lovely and magical thanks to the beautiful Christmas decorations. Some may call it a little bit kitsch, but I just love it. Like I said before, it is cosy, warm and you can enjoy delicious coffee, tea, desserts and sandwiches which aren’t expensive at all.

1908067_10205596261891556_1260594110344450195_n 1544999_10205596260851530_7865509384331854296_n

I went with a friend and here is what we ordered:
a vanilla iced coffee and a latte macchiato, both with whipped cream and oreos, carrot cake and a piece of ‘speculaas’ pie.


We were very hungry, so we thought we would be able to eat and drink everything without trouble. Well.. we weren’t. Not even in half and we just couldn’t anymore. So we waited some time, ordered some water and managed to continue ;-)
So one advice: choose a dessert with tea or water, or a delicious coffee, latte macchiato, iced coffee or hot chocolate with whipped cream and nothing to eat, since you get a small piece of cake with this and cookies of your choice in the whipped cream.

Don’t hesitate to discover this beautiful place yourself. I’m sure you won’t have any regrets, but… don’t forget my advice!

Lots of love,

Coffee cafe Hasselt           Coffee cafe Leuven
Badderijstraat 6                  Tiensestraat 18
3500 Hasselt                        3000 Leuven