Easy veggie dinner

Yesterday evening I made the simplest – and yummiest – veggie dinner!

All you need are an apple, cut in pieces or slices, salad, tomatoes, also cut in pieces. Next you grill some nuts (I used almonds and pine nuts) just by letting them bake for about 8 minutes in a hot pan. Make soms vinaigrette by mixing mustard, olive oil, vinegar and honey in a bowl. Place your apples, tomatoes and salad on a plate and sprinkle the nuts and vinaigrette over it. At last cut a log of goat cheese into thick slices and bake them in a pan with some butter until you get a crust on each side. I also toasted some bread in a pan. 

Your dinner is ready already! ✔

Enjoy it  🍴

Chocolate Rocky roads

I made a most delicious chocolate dessert, and it doesn’t even need baking! 

Melt 250gr of chocolate (dark, milk,.. as you prefer!) au bain marie. Add 75gr of butter and let it melt with the chocolate. Mix with a spoon or fork. Meanwhile, crumble 100gr of sand like cookies into smaller pieces, add 100gr of mini marshmallows (or normal ones cut in half) and 100gr of nuts (peanuts, walnuts,..). 

Mix everything together and put in an oven plate covered with parchment paper. Put in the fridge for at least two hours. 

Cut in pieces like a brownie and enjoy it!

It’s actually really easy and fast to make. And it was a big hit among my guests, so you should definitely try it!

Mexican Quesadilla

I tried something new! Some Mexican food and it was really good.

For 3 quesadillas you’ll need:

  • 6 wraps
  • 500 gr of minced beef/pork/chicken (whatever you prefer!)
  • A red pepper
  • An onion
  • Salad
  • Old grated cheede (I used a mix of emmental, cheddar and grimbergen
  • Olive oil/butter

Bake the minced meat and pour the fat out. Add some spices: paprika powder, cumin, pili pili, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Cut the pepper and the onion in pieces and add it to the meat. Put a little bit of olive oil in a pan and put a wrap in it. Add a third of the meat/pepper mix and press well with a spoon so it becomes relatively flat. Add some salad on top of it and finally the cheese. Put another wrap on it and press well with your hand. Use a spatula to see if the wrap grills/becomes a little brown and crunchy. If it is, put a plate on your pan, hold it thightly and turn it around. Now let the quesadilla slide again into the pan so the other wrap can bake too.

You can make a salad or some potatoes in the oven as a side dish. How to eat this in an easy way? Cut it in eight like a cake and eat with your hands :-)

Home made Summer drink

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything, for about 8 months. Last month I started thinking about this blog and really wanted to write something again. It ain’t gonna be big nor amazing.

Just simple.

And easy!

Last year I tried different iced tea recipes, some were better than others but yesterday I tried an easy peasy one.

I used simple Lipton green tea citrus bags (5 bags for 1 liter). Add honey to the hot water. Squeeze an orange and for about half of a lemon. If too acid, add more honey.

Let it cool down in the fridge. When served, add some ice and a sprig of mint.

And it’s ready.. Already!

iced tea2


iced tea1
I even took it to work the next day!