Sunday October 10

Autumn is here. It may be the sneakiest season; it disguises itself with warm winds and late evening golden light. It wraps itself in colors that look like fire and the slowly fading sound of crickets at night. It comes without warning and without apology and before you know it, the air is cold and the leaves are falling and the Summer you thought you were enjoying is just a memory. Sly. So sly.
– Tyler Knott Gregson

Autumn is really here. Here, Belgium. Today was actually sunny. I enjoyed the warm sunbeams on my freckled cheeks. But the wind, dancing with my hair, felt cold against my lips. And my fingers numbed.

I like the feeling of being wrapped up warmly against your loved one, enjoying a cup of tea while the cold wind is howling outside…

Photo by Kat Aitch Photography

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