Sunday November 18

in a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you

Not only my eyes will always search for you. My heart will too. No matter how many people around, I need you to feel complete…

Photo by Kat Aitch Photography

Sunday October 10

Autumn is here. It may be the sneakiest season; it disguises itself with warm winds and late evening golden light. It wraps itself in colors that look like fire and the slowly fading sound of crickets at night. It comes without warning and without apology and before you know it, the air is cold and the leaves are falling and the Summer you thought you were enjoying is just a memory. Sly. So sly.
– Tyler Knott Gregson

Autumn is really here. Here, Belgium. Today was actually sunny. I enjoyed the warm sunbeams on my freckled cheeks. But the wind, dancing with my hair, felt cold against my lips. And my fingers numbed.

I like the feeling of being wrapped up warmly against your loved one, enjoying a cup of tea while the cold wind is howling outside…

Photo by Kat Aitch Photography

Veggie week: Recipe 5 – Veggieballs with yoghurt sauce


Today’s world veggie day and here’s, of course, a new recipe in honour of this! I think it’s great there are more and more initiatives and restaurants where you can eat vegetarian or even vegan. Now I ate no meat for a whole week and I have to admit that I didn’t miss it at all! This motivates me to eat even less meat than I usually do. I discovered some good recipes which weren’t “special” and were easy and very good. By special I mean ingredients which aren’t common in every family, like quinoa for example. I really like quinoa but my family isn’t fan. But rice and potatoes, bread and broccoli, lettuce and zucchini etc are quite common. So eating veggie was easy and not really challenging for me. If I want something really challenging I should eat vegan for a week. I’m not sure if I would be able to, no cheese, no eggs,… And you really need to find good alternatives to get all your nutrients and eating out becomes difficult. In either way I hope to have inspired some of you to eat less meat and hope you try out some veggie recipes yourself!

Here’s what you need for my world veggie day-recipe (4 persons):

♥ 8 slices of old or toasted bread
♥ one onion
♥ one clove of garlic
♥ flat-leaf parsley
♥ fresh mint
♥ olive oil
♥ some milk
♥ two teaspoons of vegetable broth
♥ nutmeg
♥ optional if needed: flower and an egg
♥ natural or greek yoghurt (±350gr)
♥ a lemon
♥ potatoes
♥ fresh rosemary
♥ pepper and salt

Start by washing and cutting the potatoes into big parts. Put them in a dish with olive oil, rosemary and (sea)salt. Bake in a preheated oven to 190°C during ±30-40minutes.

While the potatoes are baking, break the bread into pieces and put them in a blender. Do this gradually, start with two slices – blend – add two other slices – etc. When all the bread is blended add the onion and garlic. Next, add a handful of parsley and mint. After these, add some olive oil, milk and the broth. Blend very good. At last, add pepper and the nutmeg.

Now you can start making the veggieballs. If the mixture is too dry, add some milk or maybe an egg, if the mixrure is too wet, add some flower until you get the right texture. Roll the veggieballs and bake them until you get a brown crust.

In the meanwhile prepare the yoghurt sauce by adding pepper, salt, mint and lemon juice to the yoghurt. You can add as much of each as you want, so don’t forget to taste!

You can make a sidedish like lettuce, tomatoes,…

Enjoy this world veggie day!

Lots of love,