Wednesday September 10

My quote comes two days too late, but those two days allowed me to find a very good one ;-)

Maybe home isn’t a place. Maybe it’s a feeling you have inside of you, being around the people who matter to you. – Justin Somper

Have you ever thought about your home and why you love it. Did you ever move out? And if you did, did you need a lot of time before the new place felt like home?

I heard stories about people who couldn’t get used to their new place. But isn’t home what you make of it? And if they didn’t feel right when they entered the place for the first time, why did they move in anyway? 

I believe feelings are very important. When the feeling isn’t right you should not continue, because usually it doesn’t turn out well. And I also believe you long for a place because of the people who are still there, because of the feeling you had when you were there with them.

Like the first place you traveled to with your first love.

Like the place you went on holiday to every year when you were little.

Like your grandparent’s home.

Like the park where you used to hang out with your friends when you were in high school.

So many places… So many memories and so many feelings intertwined with it.

Be around the people you love, and every place you go will feel like home.

Lots of love, 




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