Liebster award!!


Some time ago I got nominated for the Liebster Award by Isabelle. You can find my Liebster award post here!

I got a new nomination by Ricardo, thank you Ricardo!!
You should definitely check his blog. He writes in such a romantic and warm manner. You can feel his words.

And I’m very happy to answer his 11 questions. And I’m even happier to let you discover 11 new bloggers. That’s what it is all about, bloggers helping and appreciating each other. Who doesn’t like the lovely feeling you have when other bloggers like your writings?

Here are the “rules” for the new nominees:
♣ Acknowledge, link back and thank the person that nominated you.
♣ Use the Liebster Award image to add to the post.
♣ Answer the 11 questions given to you.
♣ Nominate up to 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
♣ Don’t forget to let these bloggers know!
♣ Give them 11 questions to answer.

These were Ricardo’s questions. Hope he didn’t make it too difficult… :-)

  1. For you, is it LOVE really a four letter word?
    According to the internet, the saying “love is a four letter word” means the following: While there has been great changes in the words used in social situations there are many words which are not acceptable. Many of these are four letter words (You are free to find some of these words yourself, I’m not going to write them down here ;-)).”Love is a four letter word? means the word shouldn’t be used – probably because of a broken heart or painful memories.

    In that case, love isn’t a four letter word.

    Even if it weren’t in that case, love isn’t a four letter word.

    Love is more to me than just four letters. Love is more to me than any letter or word. Love is about feelings and thoughts you can’t put into words.

    Love is in pushing your niece or nephew to the side of the houses on the sidewalk.

    Love is in overwhelming people with food.. or hugs.. or smiles.. or little cards..

    Love is in a glance.

    Love is in understanding each other without saying a word.

    Love is in doing things you don’t like to do someone a favor.

    Love is in all those little things we don’t even notice…

  2. Whose celebrity eyes would you consider the most tantalizing?
    This one is a difficult. I never really thought about this. So I googled and googled and finally decided to choose Sophie Turner, the actress who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. Why? Well.. just google her and you’ll understand immediately!
  3. What’s your favorite TV series and movie?
    I think I’ll go for Friends. It was shot so long ago but the humor is simply timeless. I don’t have a favorite movie. I have favorites movies for some time until I watch a new movie that becomes my favorite, for a while. And at this moment (don’t judge me!) its frozen. I like the songs, I like the story, it is funny, and it makes me happy.
  4. Do you have any addictions?
    Chocolate? And hugs, definitely hugs!
  5. What’s the word that, in your humble opinion, best defines love?
    Tenderness? Cherishing? Respect and appreciation? Passion?
    I wrote above I can’t capture love in one word and there are so many kinds of love as people on earth.
  6. City or countryside?
    City, without hesitation. Even though a good walk between meadows and under trees can be very refreshing… You can take the girl out of the city but you can never take the city out of the girl!
  7. Would you rather know everything or nothing at all?
    I think I would prefer to know nothing at all. Don’t think I could be happy knowing everything.
  8. If you could, would you make her/him love you?
    Yes! I think he already does :-)
  9. Your favorite quote?
    The last time I got the same question and answered this: “Le succès annule. Il faut refaire. Mieux si on peut, différemment de préférence.”
    But I won’t repeat it, even though I still like the quote. People change every day, you change every day, I change every day. And for some reason I won’t choose this quote as my favorite anymore. And to be honest I don’t want to pick only one, there are so many I love… So here are two out of many I like:

    Like wildflowers
    You must allow yourself
    to grow in all the places
    People thought
    you never would.
    – E.V.

    Too often
    we underestimate
    the power of a touch
    a smile
    a kind word
    a listening ear
    an honest compliment
    or the smallest act of caring
    all of which have the potential
    to turn a life around
    – Leo Buscaglia

  10. Hazy autumn turning to winter or premature spring blossom?
    Premature spring blossom! I prefer this nature reborn a hundreds times above autumn, even though autumn knows a mix of beautiful colors. Every season has its beauty, but spring is my favorite. Like a cocoon opening up to a new world.
  11. The ultimate love question. Blondes or brunettes?

Here is a list of the eleven bloggers I nominate for the Liebster award:

1. Sonja’s Photography Folio
2. a mother in the city
3. Colourful Mornings
4. Mirror the love
5. tealcrown.
6. C’est Yoli
7. Monica Harmony
8. Britt’s Flava
9. Sugarinducedcoma
10. 365 Photo
11. The Casual Blonde

You should definitely check their blogs!!

Here are my eleven questions for these bloggers:

  1. What would choose and why: a world without movies or a world without music?
  2. What have you always wanted to do but never did?
  3. Holidays at the seaside or mountains?
  4. What is your favorite season of the year and why?
  5. How come you started blogging?
  6. Your favorite song?
  7. Are you a shower or a bath person?
  8. Sweet or salty?
  9. A favorite quote?
  10. Can you give a top 3 of celebrities you like and why you like them?
  11. What is the one thing you couldn’t live without and why?

I’m curious the read their answers and once again, thank you Ricardo for the nomination!

Lots of love,


5 gedachtes over “Liebster award!!

  1. Thank you for the time you spent answering them! :)
    Really lovely and thoughtful answers you gave me.
    Loved your definition of love. Love happens when we give from ourselves, effortlessly.
    Oh yes, Sansa has awesome eyes, I agree.
    I’m a city guy myself, the more I live the more countryside leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. I like seeing things happen around me, healthy agitation.
    I really appreciated your responses. Nice thoughts you just shared!
    Be happy, good luck ;)

    Liked by 1 persoon

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! I really appreciate it!! I also love Friends. It’s aired daily here for a few hours so I’ll often watch an episode. It’s a real treat to find one I haven’t seen a few times, but the older ones tend to be ones I didn’t see (I was too young when it first showed to appreciate it fully). I also love Frozen! It’s such a sweet film and the music is wonderful. I miss the old classically drawn Disneys though.. they’ll always be my favourites! X

    Liked by 1 persoon

    1. Hi there!
      Friends is really timeless, crazy how it’s accessible for all ages!
      I like the classical disneys too, but the new ones are obviously more modern, and I like how they don’t need a prince to be happy :-)
      Lots of love,


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