Wednesday July 8

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys. – Rita Schiano

I’m afraid this is something many of us do, including myself. Sometimes you get so fed up by something and you need to express your frustration. I do this by talking about it and I keep talking about it until it stops irritating me. I am aware that it is not pleasant for the people around me nor for myself. Luckily I’m quite a positive positive person who laughs a lot and doesn’t get fed up quickly.

So the next time I will (probably) talk about it, but only once! Then I will let it go… It’s pretty easy to say, but will I be capable of doing it?

Maybe I’ll do some yoga.. or some cooking :-)
And everytime I express a frustration I will think about something that brings joy to my life!
What would you do?

Lots of love,



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