Wednesday June 24

You cannot be really happy when you don’t have time to slowly enjoy fine experiences. – Frédéric Lenoir

One of the big changes is the bustle and stress we live in. It is the paradox of our times: we thought the invention of computers and technology would make us win time and things would get more quiet. But the exact opposite happened. We live according to the rhythm of the machine. Mobile phones are great, but simultaneously you’re always connected to it and it costs so much time. And you have less time to do other things, which doesn’t have to be useful. Because that’s another big development: all time has to be spent usefully. (…) I think you cannot be really happy when you don’t have time to slowly enjoy fine experiences. For example, when you’re drinking tea it’s delightful to enjoy it and be really present. When you don’t have time, you drink tea while doing something else. You work, you watch TV or talk to your kids. (…) You do everything at once and don’t take time to enjoy fine experiences. While there are many throughout the day. There are moments to enjoy the sun or watch nature, talk with friends or enjoy good food. While we do this, we are thinking… ‘Cause there’s always something to think about or to organize, and that’s why you can’t really be happy. You will become happy by enjoying these experiences and the afterglow of it, and these small daily pleasures.

This is an excerpt from the interview with Frédéric Lenoir in the Dutch magazine Flow, which I translated freely. I wanted to share this with you because his words made me think of the way we live our life and about how we should become (more) aware of the things we do and how we experience it. I hope you like it. And if you want to read some more: Flow exists in Dutch, French, English and German. You should definitely check their website (here!). Moreover Frédéric Lenoir published several books and I just added his book, Happiness, to my ‘to read’-list.

Hope you enjoyed this post :-)

Lots of love,


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