Wednesday June 10

Enjoy the sunshine
because tomorrow clouds might
hide it already.

I chose today’s quote when my thoughts were going their own way, far from the quote I just read. When this happens, I know I must choose something else. My thoughts were driven to the art of haiku. A long long time ago I learned at school how to write one. These rules were still somewhere in my head, but very well hidden in, probably, a dark small corner. How did I find this corner? With Google’s help! :-)
These are the rules:
– Three lines
– The first and third line consist out of 5 syllables each
– The second line counts 7 syllables

As I was looking outside, I knew I wanted to write something about the sun and how the weather can change very quickly in Belgium. And that’s how I wrote this haiku. What do you think about it?

Lots of love,



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