Wednesday April 8th

It is extraordinary how music sends one back into memories of the past. – George Sand

I was with some friends and the radio was on when one of us was surprised and said: “Wooow, I can’t believe that song is so old already!!” And I replied that it was released when I was in second year of high school and they thought it was weird how I remembered when that song was popular. But like the quote above says, some songs take you right back to that moment.

Shakira’s Hip’s don’t lie takes me back to the sofa of our old apartment when I was 13 and watching the FIFA World Cup with my family in 2006.

When I listen to Under the bridge from the Red Hot Chili Peppers I’m back in the car with some girlfriends and the mother of one of these friends, when we came back from the seaside and we sang that song all the way home.

Julien Clerc’s Ma préférence brings me right back into my boyfriends arms while we were watching a movie and he sang along.

With I want it that way from the Back Street Boys I’m in the third year of high school again, when we had to perform in class because we were imitating Idol.

Finally The Anthem makes me remember when my sister and I were total mega Good Charlotte’s fans and we jumped and sang (read: screamed) along!

And even the recent Uptown funk already created memories. It reminds me of when I was dancing and singing behind the computer screen with my nephew and he said the “Girls hit your hallelujah” and the “whuoo” was my part.

So turn on that radio, sing along and create some memories!! ;-)

Lots of love,



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