Pimp my phone

This week I did something very easy!! I just put washi tape on my phone’s cover to customize it. I tried glitter tape, but it didn’t stick enough so I used washi tape instead. It comes off after about a week, but then you can use other washi tape, since you can do this so fast, and have a new ‘phone cover’ every week!

Lots of love,

Wednesday April 22

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. – Sheryl Crow

This week’s quote is from Sheryl Crow’s song ‘If it makes you happy’. I like her songs because they’re kind of soft and rock at the same time. Anyway, I chose this quote to remind all of us to just do what makes us happy. Don’t worry about what others think. If you’re happy by doing what you like to, others will be happy for you!

Have a nice day,

Wednesday April 8th

It is extraordinary how music sends one back into memories of the past. – George Sand

I was with some friends and the radio was on when one of us was surprised and said: “Wooow, I can’t believe that song is so old already!!” And I replied that it was released when I was in second year of high school and they thought it was weird how I remembered when that song was popular. But like the quote above says, some songs take you right back to that moment.

Shakira’s Hip’s don’t lie takes me back to the sofa of our old apartment when I was 13 and watching the FIFA World Cup with my family in 2006.

When I listen to Under the bridge from the Red Hot Chili Peppers I’m back in the car with some girlfriends and the mother of one of these friends, when we came back from the seaside and we sang that song all the way home.

Julien Clerc’s Ma préférence brings me right back into my boyfriends arms while we were watching a movie and he sang along.

With I want it that way from the Back Street Boys I’m in the third year of high school again, when we had to perform in class because we were imitating Idol.

Finally The Anthem makes me remember when my sister and I were total mega Good Charlotte’s fans and we jumped and sang (read: screamed) along!

And even the recent Uptown funk already created memories. It reminds me of when I was dancing and singing behind the computer screen with my nephew and he said the “Girls hit your hallelujah” and the “whuoo” was my part.

So turn on that radio, sing along and create some memories!! ;-)

Lots of love,


Pimp up your shoes!

I’ve got many shoes, also old ones that I don’t wear anymore even though there’s nothing wrong with it. Since summer is coming closer (hopefully, we’ll also get some sun in spring!), we can wear fabric shoes again! I decided to pimp up some old fabric shoes of mine.

Here’s what you need:
– Mod Podge (I didn’t have any, so I made it myself. You can learn here how to make it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJvff9yd8ks)
– A paintbrush
– An empty bowl, jar, or cup
– Glitters
– Fabric shoes

Put some mod podge in the empty jar and add glitters.

Start applying glitter onto the areas you want to. It may seem that the mixture contains too many mod podge in comparison with the glitters, but when it dries the white color disappears. I put on three layers.

Then I decided to replace the laces by a ribbon.

Let it dry for at least one night. Put in the laces or ribbon and your shoes are ready to wear!

Lots of love,

Kylna Art Gallery

I have quite a big family, so does my boyfriend. When we celebrate Christmas, it’s not always easy to buy a gift for every person. Because it’s difficult to find a suited gift for everyone, and it gets quite expensive. We have a really fun solution for it. We write everyone’s name on little pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Then everyone takes a name out of the bowl, but we have to keep secret which name we took. On Christmas, we sit around the coffee table and take a gift from under the tree, we pass it on and when the gift is in the hands of the right person, the person offering it has to say ‘stop’. It’s very exciting, also for the kids!

Last Christmas, it was my mother in law who had to give me a present. She gave me a bowl, but it looked and felt unfinished and rough. Then she told me I could go back to the store, whenever I wanted, to paint the ceramic bowl.

Two weeks ago, I went to the Kylna Art Gallery, to paint my bowl. I stayed there for almost four hours. You’re completely free to do what you want to. The lady just explained how to choose the colors, and where you can find books to get some inspiration. While I was painting, she was making something in ceramic. It was very calm with some music. It was pure relaxation.

When finished, she bakes your bowl and you can go get it a week later and find your artwork. You just walk in during the opening hours, and work on something you like. They also sell vases, plates, candle holders, etc. The price of painting and baking is included. There are also group lessons, birthday parties for kids, etc. Of course, you can also buy things you don’t have to paint yourself ;-)

If you have the opportunity, you should really go there, it’s a great place, just outside the center of Brussels!

Lots of love,

Kylna Art Gallery
Chaussée de Jette 594,
1090 Brussels



There’s a place, very near where I live, called Alice. It’s in the center of Merchtem, a town 20 km outside Brussels. It opened its doors on October 25th last year and owned by two sisters who run this beautiful place.

When going here you’ll discover a mishmash of generations, of drinks, food, and activities. You can find different kinds of coffee and tea. You can go there for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacking, etc. But it’s not only an eatery and coffee house, they also sell second hand kids clothing, they organize workshops and theaters for kids etc. Last Friday there was an Afterwork and they were open until 11 pm instead of 6 pm.

I was there with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. We ate a brownie, which was delicious and very light. I always take the ginger tea because it’s so good. You also get a piece of cake, sugar, and honey with your tea. I heard that the sandwiches are very good too. My friend took an home made iced tea and was very happy with her choice!

So if you like a lively, animated place, where everything is fresh and home made, you should definitely check this place!!

Lots of love,

Kerkstraat 1
1785 Merchtem


Wednesday April 1st

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Yesterday I was with a couple of friends and it was really really cold outside. And one of my friends said “it’s summer in my head, so I’m not cold”. That’s what I thought about while reading this quote.

So after a long day, this is something you can think about while falling asleep. The sensation you have just before falling asleep. The feeling of not belonging to this world anymore, but knowing you’re not sleeping. When you feel very light and don’t remember what you were thinking about just before. And suddenly you do remember and continue thinking until you get that same feeling again…

Sweet dreams,