Home Made Iced Tea – Recipe

Like I wrote earlier this week, I experimented with iced tea. My first try was with green tea, orange, lemon, and mint. It was good but the taste of the tea wasn’t pronounced enough. So I tried it again with more tea (green) and without mint (not because I didn’t want to put mint in, but because I didn’t have any left). Yet it wasn’t the taste I was searching for…

So, I switched to black tea. This time again with orange, lemon, and mint, but also a piece of ginger. The tea flavor was exactly what I was looking for, but I didn’t like the aftertaste. I think it was due to the ginger, even though I like ginger and ginger tea.

Finally, my last try was really good! Here’s the recipe:
You need:
– 5 bags of black tea
– 700 ml of boiled water
– mint leaves
– an orange
– a lemon
– 400 ml of water
– granulated or cane sugar, I used one tablespoon, but the iced tea was really not sweet. So if you’re a sweetaholic, I would say to use for about 3 tablespoons, but just trust your intuition, also for the water and tea amounts!

First, boil the water. Next, cut and peel some orange and lemon. I think I used half a lemon and a third of an orange. Put these, some mint, and the tea in a bowl and pour the boiled water over it. Add as much sugar as you want. Let all the flavors infuse for about fifteen minutes. Then I used a spoon to push a little on the fruit to make sure it tastes well.

Now, put some orange, lemon, and mint in a jug. Pour the tea in the jug by using a little sieve. Add water and put in the fridge for a couple of hours.
It’s ready to serve! If it’s cold enough, you don’t have to add ice, but it looks prettier with ice. I wouldn’t use crushed ice, because it melts too fast and your iced tea will become too watery.

There are a lot of variations on iced tea. You could use honey, berries, lime, flavored tea, etc.

You should really try it, it’s very good and it’s much healthier than sodas!

Lots of love,


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