The Liebster Award

Did you know about The Liebster Award? Well, I didn’t… Until Isabelle nominated me. First I really want to thank Isabelle. I was very surprised since I had completely no idea what it was and I was a little confused about the concept. But I have the feeling I get it now, so I can write about it.

It’s an award that exists only on the internet. It is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers by fellow bloggers. It was created to help discover new, small bloggers.

These are the rules:
– Thank the blogger who nominated you.
– Answer the 11 questions set by the blogger.
– Give 11 facts about yourself.
– Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
– Let the 11 other bloggers know you’ve nominated them, and give them 11 new questions for them to answer.

These are the eleven questions Isabelle asked:

1. Do you have any pets?
I have a goldfish, well it’s actually my sister’s, and his name is Marcel.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I actually don’t know. I really like crafting and trying out all kinds of stuff. And I just thought it would be great to share it with other people, so others could also enjoy it. Moreover, I like knowing what people think about what I make and I love others to share their ideas.

3. What is your favourite quote?
This is a difficult one, since I post a quote each week. But I’m going for one I haven’t posted yet. A couple of years ago I watched a documentary about Karl Lagerfeld and he said something that made me pause the documentary to relisten to what he said: “Le succès annule. Il faut refaire. Mieux si on peut, différemment de préférence.” Which means as much as “Success cancels. It must be repeated. Better if you can, differently in preference.”
It reminds me that you don’t have to stop because you’ve reached something. There’s always something higher, better. Be grateful for what you have, but don’t be satisfied until you reach what you really wanted. And don’t underestimate yourself in doing so, you’re capable of more than you think.

4. Who inspires you?
I’m not inspired by one person in particular. I can find inspiration in everything, in everyone. It’s in the little things.

5. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I can be noisy, and I love being around my family and friends, but I don’t like crowded places. At the same time, I don’t like being alone at home. The mere presence of someone I love can soothe me.

6. What is your favourite pastime/ hobby?
Well at this moment it’s certainly crafting, cooking, and blogging about it.

7. How tall are you?
I’m only 1m57 :-)

8. Most valuable object.
It’s maybe lousy, but I think that would be my phone. There are so much memories immortalized on it… Pictures, texts, quotes, music, etc. If you would “dissect” my phone, you would enter my world and really know who I am.

9. Most important people in your life right now.
The most important persons in my life are my boyfriend, of course also my family, my mom, sisters, nephew and nieces,… And a couple of friends that I really couldn’t miss. They all make me who I am today.

10. Favourite shop?
I’m quite an online shopper. Noooo, I’m not lazy! ;-)
Two weeks ago I discovered a tea and coffee shop, Blanche Dael, in Maastricht, thanks to a friend. Since I’m a tea lover, it was like heaven! And they have a webshop, check it out! →
There’s also an other shop that will (finally) open its doors in Brussels the 4th of April. It’s called Flying Tiger, and they sell all kind of stuff. This is their website:

11. Somewhere you would really like to visit and why?
I’d really like to see  the Niagara Falls. I don’t have a specific reason for it. But one day I will see them!

Now, here are eleven facts about me!

1. I’m from Brussels and I really am a city girl. One and a half year ago I moved just outside of Brussels and I was very happy. The fresh air, the meadows, the tranquility,… But I’m really starting to miss my city. I miss the bustling of the city. I miss going everywhere so easily. So I’m going back. By the end of this year, or at the beginning of next year I will move in with my boyfriend. And it will be in Brussels, doesn’t matter where in Brussels, as long as it is Brussels!

2. Every Saturday I work at a shoe store, Torfs. So I think it’s quite obvious that I love shoes…

3. I’m a student at the Free University of Brussels. This year I will graduate in Work- and Organizational Psychology. So at this time I’m totally procrastinating to work on my thesis!

4. I played the violin for ten years. I really liked it, and I still do. So sometimes I take out my violin and play a little, but I don’t have enough time to play as much as I’d like too.

5. I could eat pasta every single day.

6. My dad is Italian, perhaps that has something to do with number 5!

7. I have two sisters. One is two years older than me, and the other one is seventeen years older. I love my sisters. The relationship with my sisters is incomparable with anything else. You can always be honest with them, and they’ll still love you.

8. I’ve mentioned my boyfriend already a couple of times. We met when I was only fifteen. By now I’m 22, so this year we will be seven years together. He played a major role in who I became. We were just kids at the time and kind of grew up together. Even though we’re still kids – and we promised each other we always will be – we’re not the same persons as we were seven years ago. And I can’t wait to start our life together, to have our own little place, to create new memories together.

9. I love spending the day in PJs. But I also love dressing up. It compensates!

10. I’m a really cheerful person. I love to laugh and I think you should laugh as much as possible.

11. I’m a redhead and happy to be one!

Here are the eleven questions for the bloggers I nominate:

1. What makes you happy?

2. Where were you born and where do you live now?

3. What’s your favourite song and why?

4. What’s your favourite dish?

5. How did you choose your blog’s name?

6. If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?

7. What do you do to relax?

8. How would you describe yourself?

9. Who are the people you love the most?

10. What are your hobbies?

11. What is the one thing you really would like to do in your life?

And at last, the eleven bloggers that I nominate are:

1. Sommielee’s Blog

2. Between seas and about all things

3. Crafting and Drawing the Geeky Side of My Life

4. Faith and Fitness 

5. Saudat Atta 

6. Sonja’s Bookshelf

7. The Wine Lifestyle

8. Oh my, it’s steph

9. A way of dreaming

10. P.S. I Love

11. Jamie and Mila’s Kitchen

You should definitely check these blogs. They are all beginners, just as I am, just as you all were at a certain moment. Enjoy reading these blogs! :-)

Once again, thank you Isabelle for the nomination!

Lots of love,


7 gedachtes over “The Liebster Award

  1. Love it! I love reading the answers to my questions and your 11 facts! Your quote was really good, I might have to use it and mention you! I play the violin too, though I’m not very good!
    Isabelle xx

    Liked by 1 persoon

    1. Feel free to use it, it’s Karl Lagerfeld’s not mine! ;-)
      I read on your blog that you play the violon. It’s not an easy instrument, it needs perfection and a lot of practice, but the most important of all is that you enjoy it! :-)

      Liked by 1 persoon

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