Abstract painting made with tape


I saw something like this online and thought ‘I can make that too’. And you can do this too!! I really like the result and it’s super easy!

You need a canvas, paint, and (washi) tape. The colors and the size of the canvas are completely your choice.
I started with gold paint. Don’t forget to paint the borders too.

Apply a second layer if needed and let it dry. Then make triangles with tape. You can choose how big or small you make them, and how many you want. Make sure that there is no air left between the canvas and the tape.

Now paint the triangles. Once again, don’t forget to paint the borders.

Let it dry, apply a second layer and let dry again before taking off the tape. When I took off the tape, some paint came off too. So with a small paintbrush I repainted where the paint came off.

Your painting is ready! All left to do, is to find a nice place to hang your painting on the wall.

Lots of love,




6 gedachtes over “Abstract painting made with tape

  1. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. I can”t believe it actually looks so easy, I really need to check it out by myself very soon ! which kind of painting did you use? something special for canvas? (I am an absolute beginner as you can see…)


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