This week was Carnival Holiday and my nephew stayed with me the whole week. We did some fun stuff. We went to the movies, to a museum, played games and we painted!

We wanted to try bubble painting, like shown in this video:

For some reason it didn’t work out and we just started painting normally.

I have to admit that my nephew wasn’t too creative and I didn’t want to help him generate ideas because I wanted it to be totally his own creation. Eventually he decided he wanted to paint a piraña. I told him to draw it first with a pencil and when he didn’t know how to draw the fins he just used google.

He also made a second painting. This time he chose to paint his chicken, called Gertrude.

Meanwhile I painted an owl. Remember the finoil owl I made? I liked the little owl so much, I decided to paint it. I started by drawing the owl on the canvas. I used seven colors. I mixed red and white to get two kinds of pink. For the nose and the circles around the eyes I used light brown, orange and white. For the branch I mixed light brown and white and for the colors at the back I used a combination of blue with white, green, yellow with white, and red with dark blue.

You can see the result below, what do you think?

Lots of love,



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