Wednesday February 18

A man is not old until regrets take place of dreams. – John Barrymore

I found this quote and liked it immediately. In a time where signs of being old are rejected, where people are afraid of getting old… With age comes more life experiences, and learnings. Every age has its blessings and curses.

I like how he says age doesn’t matter. You can be old already in your twenties and still young in your seventies. It’s your own choice. Never give up dreaming. Even if you know it’s just a dream and it probably won’t ever come true, don’t stop dreaming. And your dreams will most likely change over the years. ‘Cause even when age doesn’t matter, you don’t wish for the same things at age seven and 33.

To keep dreaming is not equal to not being happy with what you have. You can be happy and still want to fulfill some dreams, achieve something, set the bar higher. Your dreams can give the motivation to not give up and to keep going, to strive for what you really want, whatever it is.

So keep dreaming…

Lots of love,



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