Today I went eating lunch at Coffee’licious in Brussels. If you don’t know it’s there, you’ll just walk by. But you really shouldn’t because I ate the best cupcake ever!! It’s quite small, but the interior is fun and the food is even better.

You order downstairs, then you can settle down upstairs.

We ordered a home made green tea lemonade, a ‘Di Modena’ bagel, it was a bagel with sesame seads, cream cheese, mozzarella, dried tomatoes, rucola and balsamic cream, and a ‘Tangerino’ panini, which was with minced meat, cheddar, grilled onion, andalouse sauce and pickles. We were both very happy with our choice, since both were very tasty! We also got some pepper soup, which was delicious.

Even the restroom is cool!

After lunch I desperately wanted a dessert but my stomach didn’t want me to… So I took a cupcake on the go! I wanted a bueno cupcake but the owner, who was by the way very nice, recommended the oreo one. And he was totally right! I will certainly go back for another one, and maybe for a milkshake too ;-)


Coffee’licious is located in the heart of Brussels, a street away from our beautiful Grand Place. So if you are in Brussels I really recommend a city walk, after which you can relax at this place.

Have fun!!

Lots of love,

Coffee’licious Brussels
Kaasmarkt 13
1000 Brussels


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