Wednesday February 4

Stop playing seriously and seriously play.

Do you know the tea brand Yogi Tea? They sell organic tea and really care about the environment. The flavours I already tasted, classic (with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper), ginger lemon, and mint lemon were very good!

But that’s not the only reason I like this tea. There’s a quote attached to every tea bag! And I found today’s quote in my tea this morning.

It made me think about how we live our life. Do we laugh enough? I think it’s very important to laugh. I laugh a lot, even with myself. Laughing is essential to relativize what happens in your life, in the world.

We go to school and want good grades. We start a job and want to achieve good results. But what if you fall? Does it get you down? Like the lyrics of Chumbawamba’s ‘Tubthumping’:

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never gonna keep me down

So even if you fall, literally or figuratively, take a good laugh at yourself and continue.

But while continuing, do not forget to laugh and don’t be so serious about everything, don’t make a big deal out of small things. You will be happier,
I promise ;-)

Lots of love,


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