World Nutella Day 2015


As you may know, or not know, on the 5th of February it’s World Nutella Day (Facebook event: And even though I don’t eat as much Nutella as I used to, I can’t miss a day like this!

I started eating less Nutella last year when I made a New year’s resolution to ban palm oil from my diet. After a while it became clear that I set the bar too high and decided to change my resolution into ‘eat less palm oil’. So once in a while I do eat some Nutella.

Now, specially for the World Nutella Day I will be making four Nutella recipes. So there won’t be a craft this week.

Here is what I am planning to bake: Nutella bread, Nutella cheesecake brownies, cinnamon muffins stuffed with Nutella, and chocolate macarons filled with Nutella mousse.

I am very excited and hope that they’ll all work out like supposed to, but even if they don’t, made with Nutella they can only taste delicious!

Lots of love,



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