Tepid Greek Salad


Today I made a salad for lunch. I don’t know what your experiences are with salads, but I get quickly hungry again because it doesn’t fill enough. Since there’s also pasta in this salad, it filled very well! And the preparation time isn’t too long.

These are the ingredients:
– Two sweet chili peppers (or more, if you really like it)
– A zucchini (I used half of it)
– One red onion (I also used half of it, I add them so the onion give its flavor to the other ingredients, but I don’t actually eat them. I’m not a great onion fan :-) )
– 50 gr of arugula/ rocket
– 150 gr of black pitted olives
– 150 gr of feta
– 200 gr of artichokes
– 250 gr of Greek pasta
– Fresh rosemary sprigs
– Raspberry vinegar
– Olive oil
– Pepper and salt

Peel the sweet chili peppers, cut in half and take out the seeds. Heat a grill pan, put some olive oil on the peppers and in the pan, and bake them on each side for a couple of minutes. While doing this, preheat the oven to 180°C and pour some olive oil into a baking dish. When the peppers are baked, put them into the dish with the rosemary and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then, I cut half of the zucchini with a mandoline and baked it in the same pan as the peppers.

Cook the Greek pasta following the instructions on the package. The next step is to cut the onion into rings, loosen them and place them in a bowl. Cut the feta, add it to the onions and add all the other ingredients: the olives, the zucchini, the artichokes (I didn’t add the oil, because I make a vinaigrette afterwards) and the pasta. To make the vinaigrette you have to mix the olive oil and the raspberry vinegar. Taste to make sure the proportions are good.

Pour the vinaigrette over all the ingredients, add pepper, salt and mix. At last, lay the peppers on the salad.

Bon appétit!
Lots of love,

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