Wednesday January 7


This ain’t just a quote. It’s almost a novel! But I really wanted to share this with you, because I think these are beautiful words and I really like reading them over and over again. And I truly do believe them. At this moment I am reading ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks, so I am quite in a romantic and poetic mood and this may have influenced my choice.

It is a beautiful thought knowing you belong to someone and someone belongs to you. Knowing someone is missing you and your presence will make them happier, complete.

“Very few ever succeed.” I truly believe I succeeded. And I wish everyone would. I wish everyone could experience the lovely feelings of unconditional love, trust and feeling complete. Feeling like completely yourself only when you are together, because this other person is part of you and when you’re not together a part of you is missing.

And simultaneously those lovely feelings are kind of frightening. What happens when your soul mate is far away? There’s no doubt, you’ll miss this person incredibly. You’ll miss the feelings you experience when you are together. And maybe you’ll miss yourself. It may sound weird, but maybe you’ll miss what you are when you are together, the kind of person you are while receiving this love. And when your soul mate is far away, a part of you is missing. You are not whole anymore. Who will you be without this lovely person? Will you rediscover yourself and parts you didn’t know, which you will share with your soul mate when you are together again? Or will you just feel empty, lost and sad the whole time?

Sometimes these thoughts are haunting me. But I do consider myself truly happy and lucky since I am convinced I found my soul mate. And every day spent together is the greatest day of my life and every day spent apart, my thoughts are all about him and I am looking forward to feeling complete again.

I hope this post wasn’t too soft-hearted. And I do hope you all find your soul mate, and happiness. I hope even more that you are all already happy, with or without someone else.

Lots of love,


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