Flower tree – painting


I am very excited to show you my new craft!
It is very simple, and I’m sure you can also do this with kids. But they’ll need some help if you do not want to clean up paint everywhere afterwards.

Here is what I used:
– Paint
– A canvas
– Paint brushes
– A pencil
– A plastic bottle with round ‘bubbles’ at the bottom

DSC03521The first step is to draw the branches with a pencil. Place the bottle already on the canvas while drawing, so you know where you’ll put the flowers and leave enough room for them.

The next step is to paint the branches, I used brown so it would look somewhat realistic. But you can use any color you like!

Next, choose a color you like for the flowers. I used orange and made it pastel orange by blending it with white paint. Make sure to use a bowl or a plate which is big enough for the bottom of the bottle to fit in.

Now, put paint on the bottle by pushing it into the paint, so the layer of paint must be thick enough. Then, place the bottle, with paint, onto the canvas and apply some pressure.



Do this at the end of the branches. I thought it still was a little empty so I put two more flowers on it. I used a paint brush to spread the dot in the middle of the flower.

Let your painting dry and your masterpiece is ready ;-)

Lots of love,


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