Wednesday December 31


I am aware that this isn’t a real quote, but since it’s the last day of the year I think it’s quite appropriate.
I am not the kind of person who, on the last day of the year, looks back at everything that happened. Well, I probably already forgot a lot and there are also moments you wish you forgot but you don’t and you never will. Such as remembering what it felt like to say goodbye to a friend who left for seven months.

But like I said, I don’t look back and I won’t. I just remember things, but that has nothing to do with the end of the year. You always think about what is happening and what happened before and you keep playing it over and over again in your head. Always, not just on the last day of the year.

I wish I could tell that I hope you all had a wonderful year with just ups and no downs. However, I know it’s impossible to have 365 consecutive wonderful days. But I do hope you enjoyed the ups and learned from the downs.
And I hope you will all celebrate the end of the year surrounded by people you love and enjoy this moment of togetherness. And I really wish you all 365 consecutive wonderful days.

Happy new year!

Australian Idol fireworks above Sydney Opera House

Lots of love,


2 gedachtes over “Wednesday December 31

  1. Happy happy New year to you too! Feels good to finally read that someone else does not look all the way back but better forward :) All the best !


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