Christmas water globe


Christmas might be over, the Christmas season ain’t over yet. So here’s a little Christmas craft idea: a water globe! You can of course make a water globe which isn’t especially for Christmas. It just depends on the figurine you choose.

The materials you will need to make a water globe are:
– super glue
– a jar with its lid
– a figurine of your choice
– distilled water; do not use tap water, it will make everything you put in the jar rot, which you don’t want to happen!
– one or two tablespoons of glycerin, this will make your glitter fall more slowly (you can buy it in a drugstore or pharmacy)
– glitter
– little stars, you don’t have to put stars in your water globe, but since I had them at home, I decided to use them too
– a ribbon

DSC03309The first step is to glue your figurine to the lid and let it dry long enough. I let it dry a whole night.

DSC03312 - kopieThe next day you can fill the jar with the distilled water, add the glycerin, the glitter and the stars.


Now put some super glue on the inside of the lid and glue it to the jar. Do not turn over the jar just yet. It has to dry again for about a night.


The next day you may turn it over into the right position. To complete the water globe I put a ribbon around it.

DSC03325Your water globe is ready! ;-)

DSC03514 DSC03513

Lots of love,


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