Coffee cafe

In my first post, the introduction, I mentioned that I would also write about nice places I discover. And I am very happy to introduce you to a very cosy cafe.

This little magical place is located in Hasselt, in the northeast of Belgium. It’s a nice city with cheerful shopping streets, restaurants, tea rooms and small forgotten paths.

Even though Hasselt counts many tea rooms and coffee corners, there is one I especially like, Coffee cafe.

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It is quite small inside. When you go in, the first thing you’ll see is the counter filled with cake, brownies and the assortment of loose tea that you can also buy, so you can enjoy its deliciousness at home.

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Since it’s Christmas time, this lovely place was even more lovely and magical thanks to the beautiful Christmas decorations. Some may call it a little bit kitsch, but I just love it. Like I said before, it is cosy, warm and you can enjoy delicious coffee, tea, desserts and sandwiches which aren’t expensive at all.

1908067_10205596261891556_1260594110344450195_n 1544999_10205596260851530_7865509384331854296_n

I went with a friend and here is what we ordered:
a vanilla iced coffee and a latte macchiato, both with whipped cream and oreos, carrot cake and a piece of ‘speculaas’ pie.


We were very hungry, so we thought we would be able to eat and drink everything without trouble. Well.. we weren’t. Not even in half and we just couldn’t anymore. So we waited some time, ordered some water and managed to continue ;-)
So one advice: choose a dessert with tea or water, or a delicious coffee, latte macchiato, iced coffee or hot chocolate with whipped cream and nothing to eat, since you get a small piece of cake with this and cookies of your choice in the whipped cream.

Don’t hesitate to discover this beautiful place yourself. I’m sure you won’t have any regrets, but… don’t forget my advice!

Lots of love,

Coffee cafe Hasselt           Coffee cafe Leuven
Badderijstraat 6                  Tiensestraat 18
3500 Hasselt                        3000 Leuven


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