Homemade Christmas wreath


Santa Claus is coming to town!
And so are Christmas trees and decorations. You can find them everywhere, in every shape, size and color.
But… you can also make some decorations yourself! It is original and your decoration will be unique. I made a Christmas wreath. It takes some time, but it ain’t very difficult and I really like the result.

This what you need to make a wreath:
– Branches from a pine tree. I cut mine from the trees in my garden. If you don’t have a garden or pine trees in your garden, you can just go for a walk in the woods or a park and you will certainly find a pine tree. Don’t forget to take your secateurs with you.
– A pair of scissors.
– A wreath in styrofoam.
– Head pins, the ones without the colored head :-)

DSC03329The first step is to cut off the smaller branches. These are the ones you will use to make the wreath. Next, attach the small branches to the styrofoam by using the head pins. Cover the entire styrofoam wreath with the branches. I didn’t cover the back of the wreath. No one can see the backside when you hang it ;-)

DSC03331 DSC03334

Now it’s time to decorate. You can actually use whatever you want or like. You can spray paint on it, put baubles on it, decorate it with cinnamon sticks and dried mandarin slices, …

Here are the materials I used to decorate my Christmas wreath.


I decided to wrap a ribbon around it and at the back of the wreath I attached little silver baubles to the ribbon. Don’t forget to attach a ribbon at the top so you can hang it.


Then I put on glitters and little stars. First put glue on the branches with a paintbrush. Then sprinkle the glitters and the stars over the Christmas wreath.

DSC03342 DSC03351

Your Christmas wreath is ready to hang on the door!DSC03355


You should really try it! It’s fun to make and it looks beautiful.

Lots of love,


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