Wednesday December 17

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in everyday
– Alice Morse Earle

This is a quote I really like. Everyone has a bad day from time to time. It usually starts when your alarm goes off in the morning and you really don’t want to get up. You finally do get up and go to work, the train is cram-full, it starts raining, you didn’t save the document you worked on for hours, …

But suddenly someone compliments you on your shoes or your blouse, or you walk by a chocolaterie, decide to go in and buy the best pralines you ever
had, … having a good laugh, or you walk into a friend you hadn’t seen for way too long, you get home where you can settle down on the sofa in the arms of the one you love, …

These are the little things that can make your day, even though they may fade next to everything that happens in a day. But we have to take the time to appreciate these little moments, because these are the ones that make us happy, these are the ones that make us realize what we love about life, who we love in this life.
These are the moments we need to cherish.

So, take the time to enjoy and cherish these moments, and do this every day.

Lots of love,



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