Paperclip necklace


I am very excited to post my very first craft project, which is also my first real adventure.
It is actually very easy to do, it’s pretty and not at all expensive.
You can make it for yourself or as a gift for someone.
Christmas is coming closer, and it’s never too early to brainstorm about gifts!

Here is what you need:
– Paperclips
– Scissors
– Washi tape in the colors you like – Or glitter tape
– In case you use glitter tape, you’ll also need some scotch tape because glitter tape doesn’t stick as well as washi tape.

DSC03267You can choose how many layers you add to your necklace. I chose three.
So the first step is to make three paperclip chains, I used respectively 19, 17 and 15 paperclips. And a little one of ten paperclips so you can put the necklace around your neck.

                            DSC03268 DSC03272

Then, I chose three different colors of glitter tape: dark grey, silver and pink.
Now it’s time to put some tape around the paperclips. Don’t use too much. I used pieces of +/- two centimeters. Since glitter tape doesn’t stick well, I also put some scotch tape around the glitter tape. Do this for every paperclip chain.

DSC03273 DSC03275 DSC03276Take two paperclips and put the ends of the three chains in one paperclip. Do this for the two ends. Then also put the ends of the smallest chain on those two paperclips.

                      DSC03277 DSC03278                                                                        DSC03279
And it’s ready to wear!


Don’t hesitate to try it yourself!

Lots of love,


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