Introducing you to my adventures


While listening to the melodious sounds of ABBA’s ‘She’s my kind of girl’, I am writing this first post to introduce you to my creative adventures. Looking for a new hobby, I did all kinds of creative discoveries through the wonderful world of the internet. Trying out new things and starting all over again because it didn’t work out the way you thought it would is part of going on creative adventures. Really great ideas aren’t always that great when you take a shot at it. But then you just have to let your imagination take its course and you’ll develop a much better idea.

I got the idea of making this blog after decorating some glass candle holders and making a dreamcatcher (Don’t worry I’ll post later how to make these ;-) ).
A while ago I started making cards for friends and family birthdays. But I’d like to expand my tryouts. So I will be taking up a little project once a week and post my weekly adventures on this blog.
What kind of projects can you expect?
I’ll be sharing nice recipes. I am a real sweetaholic. I made my first pancakes when I was eleven. Since then I have been trying different desserts, including cupcakes, macarons and even a chocolate-strawberry gateau. Recently I also discovered the fun of making salty appetizers. Even though everyone loves food, my creative adventures won’t only consist of recipes.
Lately I came across the meditative art form “Zentangle” and tried it out. It is really fun to draw a zentangle. You have to empty your head completely and think about nothing but the pattern you’re drawing. Next, the DIY-hype awakened the little girl that’s still inside of me and who incredibly loves crafting. So I’ll also try some home decorations and others, and share every step of the project with you so you can start creating too.

Example of a Zentangle.
Example of a Zentangle.

Furthermore, every Wednesday will be quote-day, where I’ll share a quote which I like with you. I’d like to hear what you think about these quotes, and whether you have quotes you like or quotes which influenced or inspired you and you’d like to share.
I’d love to hear what you think, not only about the quotes but about every little adventure I undertake, how you would have done it and I hope to inspire you to try out some DIY-projects yourself. I’d love you to share yours and be inspired by it.

In sum, every week I’ll take on a new project and share it with you. Every Wednesday you’ll discover a quote I like. Besides this I’ll also share nice and cosy places I discover. Not doing so would be selfish and I want you to enjoy and be inspired by those places as much as I do.

Don’t hesitate to share your advice, ideas and inspiration.

Lots of love,


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